Garden and Landscape Design

Tranquil Spaces

The design of this linear garden treads lightly, but has a strong sense of place. The brief was clear; from a blank canvas, create an informal garden with an innate sense of tranquillity and an environmental conscience. The house was to be let; hence the client didn’t want areas of lawn or manicured planting. The design response is based around a meandering path that wanders through the space and breaks out into informal seating areas. The path and seating areas work with the existing gradient, low walls are built from stone excavated on site, and the paths are constructed from ‘as dug’ materials. The oak pergola screens the rear of the garage and a reclaimed stone terrace creates a vantage point for the whole garden. Planting has a ‘mystical’ feel, moving from ornamental specimens, past a contemplative pond, to a woodland glade furthest from the house. The result is a low impact and efficient solution to a large linear garden, and has charm like no other.

Tranquil Spaces 1
Tranquil Spaces 1
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